Pesticide Certified Solution Standards – now on our offer

During the last few months we were working hard on developing the range of products offered by us as well as creating the on-line catalogue so as to enable our customers to order products in an easy and comfortable way. Pesticide Certified Solution CRM’s are now also on offer.

Heavy metal in eggs

Eggs are the most important part of our Easter menu. Not so long ago they were considered a little bit unhealthy (generally due to the cholesterol content), nowadays we can finally appreciate their nutritional value, especially complete protein. Not everyone, however, is aware that eggs can contain heavy metals. On the occasion of Easter we… Czytaj dalej »

Placing an order – fast and simple

The process of ordering materials by the customer is very easy and convenient. Delivery time depends on the availability of products on our shelves. If materials needed by the customer are in warehouse, they are packaged and shipped right after placing an order. Processing this type of order takes about 1-2 working days.  In case… Czytaj dalej »