We are the only company in Poland

Sigmatik is the first private company in Poland engaged in the production of standards of analytical organic substances and chemical reagents. Unlike other Polish companies on the market, we do not mediate in bringing standards from abroad – we create them in our laboratories in Wrocław. In addition to the usual standards, reference materials or… Czytaj dalej »

Hygroscopic substances: sample preparation

Analytical chemistry is based not only on the proper preparation of test substances, but also on a statistical analysis of the results. However, there are substances which preparation for the research can be problematic. We are talking about highly hygroscopic substances.

Effect of the choice of solvent on the stability of the sample

Certified reference materials (CRM) are commercially available primarily in two forms: as pure substances or solutions with a strictly defined concentration. The choice of solvent used in the solution mainly results from the physicochemical properties of the substance (e.g. solubility) and the limitations of the research method.

The presence of impurities in the reference substances

One of the aspects of the stability of solutions of certified reference materials is the content of ions of transition metal – such as iron and manganese. Ions, which have access to the air, can catalyze for expamle red-ox reactions, causing changes in the composition of the solution and may change the concentration of standardized substance… Czytaj dalej »