Radiometer is a leading provider of advanced solutions in the field of blood gas analysis, blood sampling, transcutaneous monitoring and immunoassay testing.

Sigmatik company has been recognized as a qualified service supplier for Radiometer Stargard. It confirms our competence in the field of quality management. Registration applies only to suppliers with the implemented Quality System. It must be established to manage and control Supplier’s operations according to ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO GUIDE 34. In the Frame of quality agreement was defined the type of the services entrusted to employees Sigmatik. These include develop plans for the validation of measurement methods and production of dedicated certified reference materials.


Radiometer is a company founded in Denmark in 1935, which is a pioneer in the field of blood gas analysis. The company in 1954 introduced the first commercially available blood gas analyzer.


Currently, Radiometer products are used everywhere in the world in hospitals, laboratories and clinics, helping medical workers to make decisions regarding treatment of patients in critical. During the day it is executed on average 432 000 analyzes using Radiometer analyzer..


As Sigmatik, we are very pleased with the fact that our services and products can help in the development of such a significant and global brands like Radiometer.