In recent days we have received confirmation of getting three important certificates that accredit our quality standards ­ both of our work as producers, as well as laboratories and products. Sigmatik received three certificates, recognized worldwide as a confirmation of the quality of work and products.

Certificate of ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a certificate that establishes quality standards, respected all over the world (at the moment ISO 9001 is supported by standards bodies from over 150 countries). Obtaining this certification demonstrates not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our work. It is also a guarantee of our development and strive for improvement and maintenance of existing quality standards in our company.

Wian ISO 9001 certificate 1



Certificate of ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is a certificated recieved by laboratories that are technically competent according to international standards. ISO 17025 is a guarantee of accurate research. This certificate confirms two aspects of the quality of work in Sigmatik ­ first, associated with the effectiveness of our quality management system in the laboratory, and second ­ the quality of the work itself (staff competencies, research methodology).

Wian ISO 17025 certificate 1 Wian ISO 17025 certificate 2


Certificate of ISO Guide 34

ISO Guide 34 is a certificate of Sigmatik competence as reference material producers. This certification confirms the process of manufacturing complies with international guidelines, and we, as a manufacturer, have the technical expertise. This confirms that our work in the production of reference materials is reliable and guarantees quality that meets international requirements.

Wian ISO GUIDE 34 certificate 1 Wian ISO GUIDE 34 certificate 2

Obtaining these certifications is, for us, not only a proof of the quality of our work and products, but also a motivation to continue to improve our methods and maintain or increase the quality of research, production, quality, human labor and the state of laboratories